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Cut Down on Your Property's Fire Risk

House on fire
You may have given a lot of thought to ways you can protect your home from fires. But have you considered how your landscaping could add to your fire risk? Your yard is another area of concern with regards to fire prevention. The information here will help you learn some of the ways your yard can catch on fire and some things you can do to cut down on fire risks that can spread to your home.

Common Causes of Property Fire

Here are some common things that happen and lead to properties catching on fire:

Lightning Striking on Your Property

Lightning can start a fire when the lightning bolt strikes a tree, a transformer close to your property, or something else that is flammable.

Campfire Ashes Blown in the Yard

If you like to have campfires on your property, then be aware that hot ashes can drift out of the fire pit and catch surrounding brush on fire.

Kids Playing With Fire

Each year, over 20,000 fires are started by children playing with lighters or matches. While many kids will play with fire in indoor hiding spots, many others find hiding spots in the yard where they can play with fire out of their parents’ view.

Barbecues Can Catch Nearby Items on Fire

Barbecues can catch nearby items on fire if the barbecue isn't kept in a safe place in the yard.

Less-Common Causes of Property Fire

Here are some lesser common ways that your property may catch on fire. These tend to be weather-related or due to freak accidents. Some of these causes include the following:

Glass on Sunny Days

One way fires can start that most people aren't aware of is by glass reflecting the sun’s rays onto dry brush or other items. Be careful where you leave glass in your house when your blinds are open for this same concern.

Lit Cigarettes Tossed in Your Yard

If you live off a highway, then people driving by may toss out their lit cigarette butts. These butts can land on your property, and under certain conditions, the cherry of the cigarette can cause yard debris to catch fire.

Safety Preparations for Your Property

Here are some of the things you want to do around your property to decrease your chances of dealing with a fire:

Have Dead and Diseased Trees Removed

Dead and diseased trees on your property should be professionally cut down and removed. Don't take this task on yourself with power tools, because sparks near these dry trees can also cause a fire.

Have the Trees in Your Yard Pruned

Trees are safer if they are pruned so the first branches start higher up from the ground. This way, branches won't be close to the ground if a small fire should ignite, which would cause the flames to quickly shoot up the tree.

Remove Excess Trees From Your Yard

If you have a large amount of trees on your property, then you should have the number of trees thinned out, so there is a healthy amount of space between them. This way, if there is a fire on your property, you will have an easier time preventing the fire from spreading quickly from tree to tree.

Clean the Brush From Your Yard Regularly

Trees bring leaves that make their way to the ground and dry out, causing dangerous kindling for fires. Keeping your yard raked significantly cuts down on your chances of a fire on your property.

We Can Help You With Your Trees

Contact us at County Tree Service when the time comes for you to need any of your trees pruned, trimmed, or removed. We can help you with your trees and cut down on the fire risks around your property.