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Five Reasons To Have Your Trees Trimmed Every Winter

Tree Trimmed
As a homeowner, there are certain maintenance tasks you need to take care of once a year. You probably have your furnace inspected, and your roof looked over — but have you thought about your trees? It's a good idea to have a tree care company come trim your trees every year, preferably in the late winter when the trees are dormant. Here are five reasons why regular tree maintenance is better than just treating emergencies as they arise.

Disease Prevention
Most diseases that affect trees are caused by fungus. Fungus thrives in wet, warm places, so it tends to infect the dense, inner branches of the tree that don't receive as much airflow. Your tree trimming company can remove a lot of this dense growth, allowing for more airflow. When the wet spring weather arrives, and fungal spores are floating through the air, your tree will be less likely to develop anthracnose and other leaf spot diseases.

Accident Prevention
Branches falling from trees can cause substantial damage to your home and property. Even if the tree is nowhere near your home, the wind can carry a branch pretty far, driving it through a window. If the branch goes through a neighbor's window, you may be facing some complicated insurance claims and lawsuits. 

It's hard to tell what branches are in danger of cracking when a tree is dormant, but a tree care expert has the experience to do so. They can remove these branches before they cause a disaster. After weathering the snow and cold of winter, branches that looked fine last fall may be due for removal—which is another reason why late winter or early spring is the best time to have your trees trimmed.

Better Flowering
If you have trees that bloom the springtime, having them trimmed will enhance the blooming. Your tree care company will remove older branches that may not bloom as readily. Without these branches using up the tree's resources, there will be more nutrients and water left for the remaining branches to utilize in developing flowers. (Fruiting trees also develop more and better fruit when trimmed regularly.)

Improved Form
Trees don't always naturally grow in the manner that is best for them. If one branch develops too many side branches, it might get too heavy and snap off. If the tree develops a second leading branch, it may develop an odd, ugly shape. Tree trimmers can only remove so much growth at once without causing the tree too much stress. If you wait until the tree looks misshapen to have it trimmed, it may be too late to correct it.

On the other hand, if you have your trees trimmed once a year, your tree trimming company can slowly remove branches and form the tree into a desirable shape. The stress on your tree will be reduced, making it less prone to disease and blight.

Cost Savings
Paying to have your trees trimmed once a year is likely to save you money on maintenance and tree care in the long run. You're less likely to have to pay for expensive anti-fungal sprays, window repairs, and emergency services to remove a fallen branch after a storm. Plus, attractive and neatly maintained trees make your landscaping look more appealing, which will increase the value of your property.

Whether your trees look great or are clearly in need of some maintenance, it's a good idea to have a professional come trim them each winter. They may remove only a few branches from some trees, but more from others. You'll benefit from this service for years to come. Contact County Tree Service today to schedule your appointment.