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Tree Removal Available in St. Louis, MO

Missouri is home to many species of lush, massive trees, from flowering dogwoods to massive white pines. Beautiful trees like these are a point of pride for many property owners, and with good reason. Mature trees are a sign that a property has been well maintained for years, sometimes decades.
But even the most beautiful of trees will eventually die, whether due to disease or simply old age. Dead and dying trees pose a serious risk to your property and to any guests or inhabitants. If you are concerned about any of the trees on your property, contact County Tree Service for tree removal in St. Louis, MO.
tree removal

tree removal

Avoid Hazards

Dead and dying trees are dangerous because they can fall without warning, causing serious damage to structures on your property and serious injuries to any people in their way. Pests, fungus, and old age can consume a tree from the inside out, turning the branches and truck brittle and hollow.
Your once-strong tree can be torn apart or blown over by a windstorm, and large trees can fall right through a house or garage, causing damage to the interior as well as the exterior of your home.
With professional tree removal services, you can have these hazards removed without harming anyone or anything on your property.

Trust the Professionals

When you hire professionals like County Tree Service to remove trees from your property, we'll start by evaluating the safest way to take the tree down. Some trees can be cut down all at once. Others need to be taken apart piece by piece so that no large limbs come crashing down.
After the tree is down, we will haul away every piece and return your property to its original state, leaving you with a clean, spotless yard.
To schedule a visit or learn more about our tree removal services in St. Louis, MO, call (636) 529-0999.